What Technology Is The Biggest Challenge For Cooling And Thermal Management?

Higher system clock rates and a higher packing density place considerable demands on effective and cost-efficient cooling and heat management. This trend in fact has led developers to add fans to systems that already use passive cooling technologies, such as heatsinks and heat spreaders.

Fans offer the solution to increase heat dissipation in smaller system packages, but can also burden the developer with problems such as mechanical stress, fan failures, increased acoustic noise, and increased fan power consumption. Since the system relies on heat removal by the fan, it is important that the cooling solution has an error detection mechanism.

System designers who are not concerned with the management of the fans in the system are subject to increased costs due to increased downtime and field replacement. The customer’s perception of the overall system quality and reliability of the equipment is also compromised.

AC fans, DC fans and blowers are now available with features that solve the problems of noise, reliability and power consumption. Fan features such as intelligent temperature controls can reduce power consumption by up to 30% while reducing noise. Air flow monitors and rotor blocking alarms sound when the fans are not performing optimally to ensure a reliable cooling solution that meets nearly all application requirements.

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Orion Fans has recently expanded its distribution network to better serve European customers. The addition of Karl Kruse to the European distribution network will expand local sales and application support for Orion fans. The Distributor focuses on design and is instrumental in solving customer design challenges in terms of specific cooling or thermal management requirements. The European distributor supports Orion The full range of fans includes AC and DC fans, fan trays, fan accessories and blowers. Karl Kruse primarily serves the German, Austrian, Swiss and British markets as well as the rest of Europe. “Orion fans are pleased to add a new European distributor that expands our worldwide sales and support network. Globalization means localization, and Karl Kruse will provide specialized, targeted design and engineering support services for a wide range of applications, “said David Luna , VP of Marketing at Orion Fans . “With the shortest lead times in the industry,we are making our products available to more European customers, enabling them to get to market more quickly. “

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