Our Establishments

Germany - Founded 1951

In Düsseldorf, where we are headquartered, we have a fully equipped warehouse dedicated to the German and European markets. In addition, we are able to ship to the Americas and Asia as well.

As a global distributor of electronic components, Kruse Electronics offers a wide range of products and services to customers across a variety of industries. Dedicated to helping customers succeed in their markets, we have a long-standing reputation for quality, customer
service, and innovation.

Switzerland - Founded 2022

As of October 2022, we expanded another operation to Switzerland. This was to serve customers designing prodcts from our franchised lines in the Swiss, Austrian, and northern Italian markets. To streamline customer’s supply chains and shorten their time-to-market, our offices in Switzerland also provide value-added services such as engineering support, component sourcing, and logistics management.

Hong Kong - Founded 2010

Our shipping hub located in Hong Kong allows us to support CEMs and OEMs in Asian markets.

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