We Can Easily Replace These Cypress Parts And Offer Customers A Great Alternative Solution

Cypress Semiconductor has decided to announce End of Life on a mainstream SRAM product that is still used by thousands of customers throughout the world. This 256K (32k x 8 )Low Power SRAM has been supplied by Cypress and others for many years. Many customers still require this legacy SRAM in their products. Alliance has produced the same part number / same die rev for over 10 years and will support this same die rev part number for the next 10 years. Alliances mission is to service this legacy SRAM market. Below is the Cypress 32k x 8 Low Power SRAM’s along with the exact pin to pin drop in replaceable Alliance Part number. Alliance feel that they can help to support these customers that wish to continue to use this SRAM.

Cypress Part Number Alliance Cross
CY62256NLL-55SNXI AS6C62256-55SIN
CY62256NLL-55SNXIT AS6C62256-55SINTR
CY62256NLL-70SNXC AS6C62256-55SIN
CY62256NLL-70SNXCT AS6C62256-55SINTR
CY62256NLL-55ZXI AS6C62256-55STIN
CY62256NLL-55ZXIT AS6C62256-55STINTR
CY62256NLL-70PXC AS6C62256-55PCN
CY62256VNLL-70SNXI AS6C62256-55SIN
CY62256VNLL-70ZXC AS6C62256-55STCN
CY62256VNLL-70ZXI AS6C62256-55STIN

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