Thin Battery With Bending Flexibility

Power Your Flexible Life FLCB (FPC Lithium-Ceramic Battery), is the worldwide first success of solid-like Li battery technology. FLCB breaks a new ground in Li-ion Battery about the battery appearance, technique, production process, features, and safety. FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) and solid-like electrolyte were intrepidly adopted and achieve the possibility of Li-Battery’s thinning out, flexibility, and ultra-safety. The dangers of leakage, fire, or explosion are not issues anymore. Formable Mechanism of the FLCB also makes the High Flexibility of Product Design, including Flexible or Irregular Forming mode. FLCB provides access to a wide variety of markets, contributes significantly to the end product benefit and is difficult for competitors to imitate for its depth of technology Know-How.

FLCB Applications: Wearable: Smart Glasses/LED Hat/ LED Jacket/ Lighting Gloves /Smart Watches / Lighting Armband /Heating Shoes IOT: Active RFID /Smart Card/Functional Card /Logistic sensor /Recorder MEMS/ Smart Home Tubular Type: Electrical Cigarettes/Pens /Bluetooth Headset /Smart Glasses

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