SMC Diode Solutions Offers Their SMDAxxC-Series Multi-Line, Bidirectional EoS Protection TVS Arrays

SMDAxxC-Series TVS Arrays

SMC Diode Solutions offers their SMDAxxC-series multi-line, bidirectional EoS protection TVS arrays

SMC Diode Solutions’ SMDA03C through SMDA24C are a series of four-line, bidirectional, EoS protectors packaged in the industry-standard SO-8 outline. The most prevalent voltage types used in
logic level and IC power rail circuitry are available.


Features   Applications
  • High reverse surge capability
  • Protection of four lines
  • Bidirectional protection
  • Industry-standard SO-8 outline
  • Pb-free, halogen-free, RoHS/WEEE compliant
  • RS-232 and RS-422 data lines
  • User interface, IC voltage rails, and power ports
  • Serial and parallel ports
  • LAN / WAN equipment
  • Microprocessor / microcontroller based equipment