Replace AC Fan With EC Fan

EC fans offer significant advantages over conventional AC fans.

Greater scalability, less weight and above all cost savings are offered by EC fans in contrast to AC fans.
The AC-powered fans use brushless DC motors and utilize voltage conversion within the motor for significantly lower power consumption. This equates to energy savings of up to 50 percent and enables customers to meet the energy consumption requirements of government agencies such as ENERGY STAR.

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Further advantages when switching to EC fans

• Efficiency: With the new fans, customers achieve better efficiency, which already uses conventional AC fans in existing applications. This also has important implications for future environmental regulations. The EnEV already affects appliances that are used for the heating and air conditioning of buildings.
• Spectrum: For customers, there are now more options for using the fans that were previously used by AC fans because there was no DC power supply in the devices. A broader spectrum is available in terms of design and size as well as air output.

Karl Kruse: We supply the new energy-saving EC fans from the manufacturer Orion Fans for a broad range of applications including appliances, commercial and process control, refrigeration, HVAC, electronic enclosures and cabinets. We also advise our customers on the new product features and applications.