Power Line Chokes Axial From Central Technologies

CTH8HCF Series From 3.9μH to 150,000μH

Description: Axial leaded power line inductor (UL sleeved).

Applications: Used in switching regulators, power amplifiers,

power supplies, SCR and TRIAC controls, speaker crossover

networks and filters.

Operating Temperature: -55°C to +125°C

Isat: DC current that will cause inductance to drop by 5%.

Irms: Based on the inductance change within 10% of initial value

and temperature rise of initial value less than 30°C within coil body.

Inductance Tolerance: ±10%

Testing: Inductance is tested on an HP4284A at 1KHz.

Packaging: Tape & reel.

Marking: Parts are marked with inductance code.

Miscellaneous: RoHS Compliant.

Additional Information: Additional electrical & physical

information available upon request.

Samples available.