Model Series 3700 – Basic Building Block DC-DC Converters And EMI Filters

Modular Devices, Inc., Shirley, NY (MDI) a global supplier in DC-DC Converter technology for high reliability applications introduces the 3700 Basic Building Block converter series.

Series Features:

Drop-in replacement of popular competitor models allows easy incorporation into existing or new system
Specifically designed for demanding military and aerospace applications where best value is
Higher Efficiency and Power compared to competitors
No External components required
Fully Isolated design
Magnetic feedback (No Optocouplers)
Input Ripple Current Inductor
Output Common Mode Spike Filter
Inhibit-Not Function
Power on Soft Start
Short Circuit Protection
Choice of PCB or Chassis mount
Various Grade/screening levels available to suit any reliability
EMI filters to meet MIL-STD-461 and other