Megawin MCU provide Flash memory from 4KB to 132KB with competitive price and good quality

Megawin Technology was formed by a group of IC design and sale specialists in 1999. The company’s mission is to become the worldwide MCU supplier through nonstop research & development and patent portfolio plan.

Megawin 8bit 8051 MCU and 32bit Cortex M0 MCU , which are widely used  for the application such as Telecom, Instrument equipment and lots of controller requirement.

Item                 Flash memory size

—————–     ————————————–

MG82F6D17     16KB ,      8bit 8051 MCU

MG82F6D32     32KB ,      8bit 8051 MCU

MG82F6D64     64KB ,      8bit 8051 MCU

MG32F02A032    32KB  , 32bit M0 MCU

MG32F02A064   64KB ,   32bit M0 MCU

MG32F02A128  128KB ,  32bit M0 MCU

MG32F02U128   128KB , 32bit M0 USB MCU

MG32F02U064     64KB , 32bit M0 USB MCU