Medical Displays, Karl Kruse Can Help

During the COVID-19 pandemic Lockdown, Midas Displays (sales Karl Kruse) provide a range of displays to the medical industry, and due to this, the company was deemed an ‘essential business’. Karl Kruse and Midas have seen a huge increase in the demand for displays from the medical industry, and are working closely with many partners to produce equipment that can be used to identify, and treat, corona virus patients.

Karl Kruse can help, if you are looking for medical displays for ear/forehead thermometer, ventilator that can fit into your applications.

We have a large selection of standard items from STN / TFT / OLED display modules to choose from.

Recently, one customer has used an OLED display in a design to help build low-cost Pulse Oximeters. These Oximeters measure oxygen saturation in the blood and can indicate if a patient has an inefficient respiratory system, caused by a range of conditions including: anemia, asthma, heart defects, lung cancer and pneumonia. Demand for Pulse Oximeters is increasing, these devices are being used more, due to the effect that COVID-19 can have on the respiratory system.

We are here to help in supporting to supply displays for medical equipment’s.

Below are some popular items for ventilator and forehead thermometer for reference.

For more detailed information, please contact our seller directly or send an email to