Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the connection of embedded computing devices within the existing internet infrastructure.Those devices can send or receive data or instructions .

Connectivity via the Internet can apply to so many applications, like:
Environmental Monitoring, Infrastructure Management, Industrial Applications, Energy Management, Medical and Healthcare Systems, Building and Home Automation,Transport Systems, Large Scale Deployments

IoT manufactures are:

AEMAlliance MemoryBIWINBruckewell
Cal Chip ElectronicsCalogicCentral TechnologiesChrontel
DB ProductsEpistarFenghua Advanced TechnologyGood-Ark
Goodsky ElectricIK SemikonKonnect RFLCD-World
MaxtenaMidas DisplaysMorecraftNeltron
NetsolOrion FansSMC-DiodesWayon

Our Services in the IoT area

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  • Quality Agreements possible
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