How Karl Kruse GmbH & CO KG Solves Obsolescence Issues For Electronic Industry

OEMs face the risk of electronic component obsolescence daily and we are aware that our customers have come to a avoid a disruption of the supply chain expect, “says Klaus Kruse, CEO of Karl Kruse GmbH & Co KG. For many years as an obsolescence specialist Karl Kruse GmbH & Co. KG works constantly on the optimisation of obsolescence strategies. In the focus stand solution attempts, beginning by the search of alternative components, 100% of retraceability of the components, up to the protection from obsolescence like read time Buy, EOL – and PCN service etc.

Karl Kruse offers alternative components of various manufacturers and is also an authorized distributor for Calogic and Tsingtek.

Calogic offers a range of reliable working and long-term available standard Replacement diodes, JFETs and MOSFETs. Especially the obsolete JFETs Vishay / Siliconix, there are of Calogic. Calogic designed and manufactures discrete and analog ICs for the use of automation, computers, instrumentation, medical applications, power management, Transportation and Telecommunications.

“We can offer a very successful alternative to the discontinued MOSFET BSS83 NXP locate and this have been able to qualify for the bill at our OEMs in the Automilbranche and industry. Even devices with wired enclosures, such as TO-92, there are still at Calogic” says Klaus Kruse

“The problems with displays we have known and have been working for approximately 1 year with great success with the company Tsingtek together. Our customers in the medical, industrial, air -and- space need for your products a minimum life of 5 years or more” says Klaus Kruse.

OLED, LCD, TFT and customized display solutions for industrial and commercial. Tsingtek is a leading provider of display products in China. Founded in 2002, Tsingtek uses the latest high-tech methods and processes to design and produce displays, ranging from a simple LCD alphanumeric component to more complex LCD and OLED graphics modules. Your use modern production COB, SMT, COG and TAB processes to assist in the production of standard and customized display modules containing many fonts, voltage, power and temperature options.

The focus of the products are application areas and target groups of customers with applications in automotive, measurement, analysis, medical, audio and video, energy, security, budgetary and water treatment technology, telecommunications and houseware and many more.