High Current Fuses With High Power Density

High Current Fuses With High Power Density

High Current Fuses With High Power Density

High Current Fuses With High Power Density

AEM Components’ High-Current, High-Power-Density Fuses Offer Full Range from 20A to 100A in Single Package Size

CMF series fuses provide safe power density and a robust, unified package for simplified circuit design.

AEM Components CMF series high current solid-body fuses are available in both commercial and automotive segments, each with their own part numbers for rated currents of 20 to 100 amps at 125 VDC. All models of this series are offered in the uniform 2822-SMD housing. This standardized footprint for all models is a significant advantage in platform development. The series offers a safe power density 548 VA / mm3 @ 100 A.

In addition, the series features 1.85 mΩ @ 20 A and 0.41 mΩ @ 100 A DC resistors that limit excessive heating, high switching capability of 1500 A @ 60 VDC / 250 A @ 125 VDC and short extinguishing times 250% <60 s for a very high inrush current resistance and a wide operating temperature range of -55 to 125 ° C.

The CMF Series builds on AEM components advanced manufacturing technology. The solid, robust structure of these fuses assures reliable operation in environments where temperature cycling and high mechanical vibration are present. The patented compact design in construction and arc suppression materials make achieving one of the best safe power density in high power applications. The devices singular fuse link/terminal construction eliminates problems that occur with traditional ceramic tube interconnection techniques.

Key Features

• Current ratings from 20A to 125A (150A rating in development)
• Application specific voltage ratings 32Vdc to 125Vdc
• Standardized footprint / miniaturized package size for all values
• Miniaturization through elimination of multiple parallel fuse designs
• Solid robust structure using singular fuse link / terminal
• Solderless, RoHS compliant / Halogen free construction
• High Interrupting ratings – for excellent inrush current capability
• Best in Class Safe Power Density @ 421 VA/mm3 ( Ref 1000A @ 75Vdc)
• Best in Class DCR ratings – to minimize excessive power loss &
optimize thermal management
• IATF 16949:2016 manufacturing facility
• Automotive grade version qualified to AEC-Q200 pending

For more information on AEM’s CMF Series , pls contact us by email info@kruse.de

or download more infos here CM-QM Series

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