Helicore In Autonomous Vehicles: Precision. Accuracy. Expertise.

Helicore In Autonomous Vehicles: Precision. Accuracy. Expertise.

Helicore In Autonomous Vehicles: Precision. Accuracy. Expertise.

Helicore In Autonomous Vehicles: Precision. Accuracy. Expertise.

Autonomous Vehicles and Maxtena Precision GNSS
Smart Cars, Driverless Cars, and Beyond

The driverless car: a culmination of over a decade of research and development that aims

to disrupt the automotive and transportation industries. While there is a lot of excitement

and buzz about the industry, there is still a lot of research to be done before autonomous

(driverless) vehicles become a standard on the streets.

Autonomous or not, Helicore Antennas

provide reliable, precision performance that

outperforms ceramic elements in every aspect

Helicore for Autonomous Vehicles
As the smart car grows toward its autonomous evolution, we continually find that even

with new connectivity devices and services, GNSS remains the best solution for

automotive systems for absolute positioning and timing.

Within the autonomous vehicle design, absolute positioning and timing is integral and

requires precision to keep automated vehicle systems reliably where they need to be:

safely in the lane, connected, and on the road. Helicore GNSS antennas do it best, and they do it with style.

How Karl Kruse can help
Karl Kruse as a distributor for Maxtena is working with customers in the autonomous vehicle industry to develop

advanced antenna solutions for multiple applications within the autonomous vehicle.

First and foremost, our Helicore line of antennas continues to provide superior location

data and multipath rejection, as it always has.

Helicore Antennas typically perform 70% better than ceramic antennas.


Maxtena is working with leading autonomous vehicle partners to further develop

anti-spoofing technology. They ensure expert integration with the latest anti-spoofing

receiver technology and are further investigating alternate methods to prevent vehicle hacking or tampering.

PPP Correction
Maxtena is also working with industry leaders to provide multiband antennas capable of

providing high availability and reliable signal for PPP Correction Operations.They are

designing custom multiband antennas for both dual-frequency GNSS error sources as

well as for use with External Error Correction Data other services similar to Inmarsat,

Iridium, OmniStar, Globalstar, etc.

In addition to their research into precision accuracy and reliable signals from multiple

services, their engineers are working with their partners to provide solutions for precise data

for vehicle orientation while in motion.

Extreme Phase Center Stability

Helicore antennas lead the industry with their extreme phase center stability. What does

that mean? It means that Maxtena’s antennas are receiver agnostic: they work with any kind of

receiver to produce quality data. Whichever receiver you use, Helicore just works.

The comparative data shows that the Helicore antenna in this vehicle test has minimum

phase center variation. It is much more stable than the currently integrated antenna.

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