GCTs MEM2075 Push-Pushes Slim MicroSD Connectors To The Limit

GCTs MEM2075 Push-Pushes Slim MicroSD Connectors To The Limit

GCTs MEM2075 Push-Pushes Slim MicroSD Connectors To The Limit

GCTs MEM2075 Push-Pushes Slim MicroSD Connectors To The Limit

One of the slimmest memory card connectors in the market with a push-push ejector type, the MEM2075 has released by GCT. Making it a super-slim option for engineers where there are space limitations and height is a defining feature in their designs ,the MicroSD connector has a profile height of just 1.4mm The product length with card inserted is also a mere 17.25mm, adding to its credentials.

As well as the compact form factor, co-planarity is less than 0.08mm, ensuring profile is kept to a minimum on a PCB. Four PCB retention tabs in “V” profile also give the MEM2075 maximum mechanical strength versus competing products.

The connector is available in a stainless steel cover and latch with SMT contacts. With PCB locating pegs as an option, a card detection switch is present in normally open configuration. The connector has been tested to 5000 mating cycles and operating temperature is between -25°C to +85°C .

“The MEM2075 takes the conventional MicroSD connector and pushes the boundaries on the physical dimensions,” commented Paul Hulatt, Product Manager at GCT. “Being one of the slimmest connectors in class, it’s a great addition to the GCT Memory Card Connector range and offers our customers greater flexibility with their designs where having a low product height is critical.”

The requirement for smaller connectors remains strong, in the face of device miniaturisation and the quest to have lighter, slimmer and more compact electronics. The MEM2075 MicroSD connector is ideal for applications where space consideration is required, From portable electronics to wearable tech.

Product Spec


Housing Material: High temperature thermoplastic
Contact Terminal: Copper alloy
Metallic Shell: Stainless steel
SMT Hold Down: Stainless Steel


Contact terminal plating
Underplating: 50µ” Nickel all over
Contact Plating: 1µ” Gold
Solder Area: Gold flash
Metallic shell plating
Metallic Shell: Nickel, gold flash on solder tabs


Voltage Rating: 30V AC/DC
Current Rating: 0.5A Max per pin
Contact Resistance: 100mΩ Max
Insulation resistance: 1000MΩ Min. (Apply 500 VDC)
Dielectric withstanding voltage: Withstand 500 V AC for 1 min


Durability: 5,000 cycles

Environmental and Processing

Operating Temperature: -25°C to +85°C

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