Electronics for medical technology

Electronics for medical technology

Electronics for medical technology

Electronics for medical technology

For the benefit of the patient, product development is subject to its own laws in medical technology. Treatment and diagnosis open up new ways for humans through the benefits of microelectronics.

In order to be able to make correct recommendations for customer wishes and markets, Karl Kruse checks in advance all components that are needed for a medical device.

Medical technology is operated at different supply voltages around the world. Karl Kruse offers fans from Orion fans with either AC, DC or wide-range voltage input for powering the electronics and drive. DC fans are suitable for mobile battery operation and low power consumption.

The fans in axial, diagonal or radial design are aerodynamically designed for a high flow rate with quiet running and can be used, for example, for cooling of CT devices, PET scanners and MRI machines.

Connectors and cable assemblies

In medicine, proven and reliable connectors are indispensable.

Karl Kruse offers connectors that are ideal for electronic medical devices such as surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, disposable devices, cardiac support systems, therapeutic and dental devices. Customized designs and cable assemblies are also possible

AEM Inc (Sales: Karl Kruse www.kruse.de) has announced the availability of its DSCC-approved line of ferrite chip beads, which are particularly adapted for medical, military, aerospace and other critical applications where reliability a top concern is.

The HRB series is the first and only line of ferrite beads made with qualified materials and tested with the DSCC drawing 03024. The DSCC specifications of drawing 03024 prescribe the strict physical, electrical and operational specifications for the high reliability ferrite chip beads.

The HRB series are available in sizes 0603, 0805 and 1206 and with nominal currents from 0.2 A to 4.0A. They have an operating temperature range of -55ºC to + 125ºC, tin / lead or gold, Ni-barrier solder plated terminations to eliminate the possibility of tin whisker formation and ensure reliable solder joints. Materials and processes are fully traceable and all parts are supplied with group A / B test data. Group C inspection as an option.

The HRB series exemplifies the heritage of AEM in producing high-reliability components for medical technology. AEM is able to offer value-added product processing and high-reliability testing, which can be filmed to 03024 specification to meet our customers’ unique and crucial program requirements. These additional benefits are not offered by other ferrite chip bead manufacturers. “

Power for medical technology

Modern applications in medical technology are subject to strict regulatory requirements and have four main trends:

Safety, reliability, connectivity and low power consumption.

TOPPOWER (Distribution: Karl Kruse www.kruse.de) PCB-mountable converter modules are widely used in monitoring equipment, test equipment, operating equipment, medical auxiliary equipment, etc.

TOPPOWER offers various DC / DC converters in the product range with different designs and offers a suitable solution for every application.

Based on our core competence in the field of electronic components, we offer our customers a globally unique product and solution portfolio of electronic components and services.

Through our access to technology, development and knowledge, we can also offer you support in each of your development steps and thus a direct innovation advantage.

These include lighting, medical & life science, automation, aerospace, military, automotive, ship & rail, security & surveillance, communications & IT, consumer & home appliances, instrumentation and more.

You can find more information about our manufacturers here.

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