EC Fans Offer Spark Proof IP68-ATEX Protection For Harsh AC Applications

Electronically commutated (EC) fans combine rugged performance with significant cost savings..

To include spark proof IP68-ATEX rated versions for applications involving explosive atmospheres or flammable gases, Orion Fans has expanded its family of Electronically Commutated (EC) fans. Developed for Zone 2 equipment, the implementation of IP68-ATEX fans into a design eliminates the possibility of an explosion or fire.

The EC IP68-ATEX fans are ideal for a broad range of applications including appliances, commercial and process control, refrigeration, HVAC, electronic enclosures and cabinets, available in a range of sizes including 60mm, 120mm, 172mm. Most models are available with a universal voltage range. By maintaining the same interface between the equipment and the fan, EC fans can be used as drop-in replacements for equivalent-sized AC fans.

The AC input fans utilize a brushless DC motor and incorporate voltage transformation within the motor for significantly lower power consumption. Enabling customers to meet energy-consumption requirements from agencies like ENERGY STAR, this equates to power savings of up to 50%.

The IP68-ATEX rated EC Series combines energy conservation with maximum protection. These EC fans are ideal for power-hungry applications that require a spark proof fan design to thwart potentially dangerous and harmful situations.

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