Develop Healthcare/Medical Equipment

KARL KRUSE is gratefully cooperating with GIGAIPC to develop healthcare/medical equipment implemented with their QBiP Series (3.5″SBC), to help medical personnel worldwide. and fight against COVID-19.

GIGAIPC 3.5″ SBC wide-temperate embedded board supports -40~85 degree.

They also supply various 3.5” solutions in normal temp with Intel Apollo Lake, Kaby Lake, Baytrail, AMD CPUs Platform.

A complete range of standard form-factors includes GIGAIPC’s industrial motherboard series, as well as small-size industrial motherboards for single-board computers and Intel® Certified Smart Display Modules. GIGAIPC’s industrial motherboards offer high reliability and long product life-time support, at the same time various features are offered in each product to fulfill specific customer’s requirements. To fit in extreme surrounding environments GIGAIPC offers products with a Wide Operation Temperature Range, diverse and rich I / O combinations, same as Wide Range DC IN to be able to fit in industrial automation fields. Motherboards can fulfill demands from Retail and Digital Signage to Factory Automation, Medical and Transportation vertical markets