Automotive IC

In the field of Analog & Mixed Signal especially, supplying core technology ICs for Automotive, Smoke-Detector, Earth Leaking Detector, LED Lighting and Home-Appliances, IK Semicom Co., Ltd is the professional IC`s design-leading fabless semiconductor company.

Automotive POWER ASIC
Alternator Regulator with RVC Interface
Alternator Multi Function Regulator
Active MOSFET Rectifier for Alternator
Power Folding for Outside Rear view Mirror
Automotive LDO
Automotive Sensor ASIC
Automotive Room Lamp Module
Wipe/Wash Wiper Control IC
CAN Controller / CAN Transceiver

Automotive Motor Driver
Automotive LDO
Automotive Communication
Automotive ASIC
Power Folding
Alternator Regulator
Alternator Rectification FET Controller
Head Lamp Leveling Driver
Inductive Stop Lamp switch Sensor
Fluxgate Sensor
SoC Room Lamp Module
IK Semicon will always remain close to the lives of customers and promise that they will take a step forward with you.

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