Alternative Super Junction Power MOSFETs For Power Electronics Design

Alternative Super Junction Power MOSFETs For Power Electronics Design

Alternative Super Junction Power MOSFETs For Power Electronics Design

Alternative Super Junction Power MOSFETs For Power Electronics Design

Super Junction MOSFETs (SJ-MOSFETs) are high-performance MOSFETs designed for higher power and voltage switching and used in voltage converters.

In contrast to conventional MOSFETs, SJ MOSFETs have a much larger pn junction between source and drain. This leads to an extremely low contact resistance between said electrodes. This is in the switched state (on) at about 0.1 ohms. This low on resistance causes low heat development due to the power loss.

Karl Kruse, a global distributor of electronic components, and CYG Wayon, is one of global core providers of electronic circuit protection solutions, announced a cooperation agreement.

“We are thrilled to partner with CYG Wayon, as a distributor,” said Klaus Kruse, Managing Director of Karl Kruse. “Wayon’s unique offerings in the Over-Voltage Protection & Semiconductor Devices market offer a perfect match for our customer’s needs, specifically in the industry market. We are able to cross major manufacturers, offer better costs and much shorter lead times,” commented Kruse. “Furthermore, Wayon’s commitment to quality and reliability resonates Karl Kruse’s dedication to provide our expansive customer base with top-tier components,” added Kruse.

Wayon WMOS ™ C2 is a new silicon-based cutting-edge technology for high voltage power MOSFET. Using advanced super junction principle, the technology can reduce RDS (on) per area significantly compared to conventional VDMOS. This technology achieves up to 38% better FOM (RDS (on)*Qg) versus the previous WMOSTM C1 technology. This improvement makes switching applications more efficient and more compact. WMOSTM C2 provides wide voltage range MOSFETs and is cost-effective compared to VDMOS.

CYG Wayon 800V WMOS™ M3 is a new silicon-based cutting-edge technology, which features extremely low gate charge for high efficiency when switching, especially for high frequency switching. With enhanced design, the new WMOSTM M3 family has also strong surge performance for LED application.

Key Features & Benefits

Ultra low RDS (on) resulting in low conduction losses and improved efficiency in end-applications
Ultra low gate charge that improves switching performance
100% avalanche tested
Wide voltage range: 500V-900V
Green package Cost effective alternative to VDMOS

Typical Applications are: Power Supply, Charger, LED Lighting, Adapter, PC, LCD TV, UPS/ Server and Home Appliances.

For more information , or a cross ref list, please contact Karl Kruse at Schirmer Straße 59, 40211 Düsseldorf
by phone at + 49-211 27403530 or by e-mail at

About Wayon:

CYG Wayon was founded by Shanghai Research Institute of Materials in the year of 1996. In 2007, Wayon was acquired by Changyuan Group Ltd (CYG). (CYG is a public company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Stock Code: 600525)

CYG Wayon is one of the global core providers of electronic circuit protection and semiconductor solutions.
The main products consist of PPTC, CPTC and Chip Fuse for over-current protection; TVS, Thyristor and ESD for over-voltage protection and Super Junction MOSFET and Protection IC. The product application covers telecommunications, rechargeable batteries, IT equipment, automotive Small Power Motor and Automotive Electronics, industrial equipment and consumer electronics.
CYG WAYON is an ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949 certified company. Major products are UL, TUV and CSA approved.

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