AEM Introduces 1206 Size SMD Fuses Up To 40A

AEM, introduces its new F1206HC series fuses with compact 1206size at 35VDC rated voltage,

which is the smallest device at this voltage rating on the market.

The current rating of F1206HC fuse is from 10A to 40A

Typical applications include,

  1. Multi-cell lithium battery pack
  2. Brush-less DC motor driver circuits
  3. Switches, Routers, Servers and Storage Systems, GPU board, etc.

“The customers of the lithium battery powered devices like handheld power tools and handheld/robotic vacuum are asking for higher power and longer run-time per charge, at the same time, lighter and smaller size.” says Dr. Liwu Wang, the business development director of AEM, “the new F1206HC series comes with 35VDC which can be used in the devices with up to 8-cell battery packs. It can help design engineer to meet the customer demands of higher power/voltage rating, small compact size and light weight.”

The key features of the F1206HC series are,

  1. Current rating 10 to 40A at 35VDC rated voltage
  2. Compact 1206 size with footprint of 3.2mmx1.6mm
  3. Low DC resistance reduces heat dissipation which is critical in high power applications


F1206HC series is available in tape and reel format with 3000 pcs per reel. Samples is available , pls contact us.

For More Information

More information is available on F1206HC series product page. For technical questions, please contact us at or call us at 49 211 27403530.