AC / DC Solution For An Efficient Auxiliary Power

Lauma and Karl Kruse cooperate

Karl Kruse is now an authorized distributor for Micro Switch Mode Power products from the Italian manufacturer Lauma Elettronica for Germany and the rest of Europe.

The agreed cooperation Karl Kruse expanded its product portfolio tohigh-quality micro switch mode power products in the SMR and SML series.
The smallest modules of SMR20 are very small, consumes between 2.5 to 15 W at 70˚C and have standby power dissipation is 0.15 W. dimensions are 23,5×23,5x17H.Die high quality products are certified TA 70 ˚-90˚-105˚.
The low standby power consumption <200 mW, will help to speed up future designs as you meet the EUP regulation <500mW.
The system integrates the bridge rectifier, power filters, switching and Power Transmission, Transformer, secondary rectification, filtering capacitor, isolated feedback network to produce a regulated output voltage of 24 V DC 3.3VDC.

“These new SMR products can replace EI transformers because they have the same pin-out,” said Klaus P. Kruse.
IECEE all UL, UL eu, UL Class 2, CE approved – The products are RoHS compliant.

Lauma Elettronica’s SMR20, SMR30, SMR38, SMR42 and SMR48 are flyback converter with galvanic isolation between the AC input and DC output. The output voltage is controlled by a closed feedback loop.