16 VDC Input Non-Isolated Regulator(POL) For Cubesats And Miniaturized Satellites 6-15 Watt 3693 Series.

Model Series 3693 – Your Cubesat Needs this!

16 VDC Input Non-Isolated Regulator (POL) Series For Cubesats and Miniaturized Satellites Proton Rad Hard 100K+®.

Modular Devices, Inc., Shirley, NY (MDI) a global supplier in DC-DC Converter technology for space satellite applications introduces a new model series specifically designed for scaleable Cube and micro-miniature orbiting platforms.

Series 3693 DC-DC power converters derive any variety of outputs from <1.0V to5V from the 12Vdc nominal (4.6 – 16Vdc continuous operating range) input bus popular among CubeSat platforms in power ranges of up to 15 Watts. Featuring high conversion efficiencies and patented Proton Rad Hard 100K+® design technology.

They all are fully self-contained thick film hybrid regulators that require no external components, are Rad Hard (TID >100KRad(Si)  2:1 margin), No SEE,

LET >82MeV*cm²/mg, Proton Resistant, has synchronous rectification for high efficiency, adjustable output voltage trim, on-off control, 100KHz operation , sync inputs and come in various hermetic packages for ease of mounting and effective thermal management.

Offered in a range of screening grades and parts quality levels, the 3693’s are easily and economically tailored to suit cost conscious, ready availability CubeSat program requirements and deliver in short order from stock to 150 days ARO. Their flexible internal designs permit fast-turn product variants to suit particular power and control requirements of any mission.