Inductive Components

Karl Kruse offers a wide range of inductors and transformers as well as their different technologies from well-known manufacturers.

Typical applications for inductors and transformers are:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Other




Manufacturers & Contacts

  • AEM Components’ products used globally for circuit protection and EMI signal filtering by many fortune 500 companies and other renowned customers in the telecommunication, computer, consumer electronics, and automotive industries. AEM’s patented breakthrough technologies and lean manufacturing facilities ensure superior quality at the best value. AEM’s products and services include the followings:
    1. Automotive Grade (AEC-Q200) SMD Fuses
    2. SolidMatrix® Multilayer Monolithic Chip Fuses
    3. AirMatrix® Surface Mount Fuses
    4. GcDiode® ESD Suppressors
    5. Multilayer Varistors
    6. SMD Chip Inductors and beads
    7. PMS Resettable Fuses
  • Founded in 1994, Central Technologies is a leading provider of quality inductive components and industry standard magnetics to major OEMs worldwide. While continuing to adhere to industry standard specifications, Central Technologies has aggressively expanded its product line to over 100 different series of parts. This breadth of product has allowed Central Technologies successfully compete with other major component manufacturers.
    Products: Inductors, Power magnetics, DC-to-DC converters, Transformers, Non-magnetic components, Transducers.
    View Central Technologies products
  • Established 1972, Chilisin Electronics Corp. started as a ferrite core supplier. Over the years, Chilisin has evolved into a global group to provide comprehensive passive components through vertical integration and horizontal alliances, including Ferroxcube, Ralec, MagLayers, and Magic Tech. Over the years, Chilisin has grown into a worldwide corporation with factories, sales offices and channels in Taiwan, China, Europe and USA.They provide inductor turnkey solutions for EMI, Power and RF. With a complete product range and global technical support, Chilisin has become one of the few inductor suppliers capable of providing a complete “one-stop shopping”experience for Power Inductors, EMI-Common Mode Chokes, EMI-Beads, RF-Signal Inductors, RF-LTTC Components, RF-Antennas, RF-Wireless Power Transfers, LAN Transformers and  Resistor & Current Sensors.
  • ECE (Excel Cell Electronic Co., Ltd.) is a company founded in 1981 in Taiwan, whose product range includes a wide variety of switches, relays and connectors, even Chip Inductor & Beads.
  • Since entering the electronic component business in 1984, Fenghua Advanced Technology Holding CO. LTD  is one of the leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of Thin- Film /Thick-Film integrated passive devices and discrete passive components.
    Fenghua has specialised in thin film and thick film technology, inductors, resistor products in the low voltage area for current measurement, as well as ultra-precision components. Special emphasis placed on service, product quality, short delivery times and comprehensive technical support. Fenghua is constantly striving to exceed the standard market range of products usually on offer in the areas of miniaturisation, precision, the low voltage area and inductors.Certification to TS 16949 ensures that various products are now available in accordance with AEC-Q200.Fenghua supplies: SMT Thickfilm Resistors, SMT Thinfilm Resistors, SMT Precision Resitors, SMT Shunt Resistors, Metal Band Low Ohm Resistors, SMT MLCC Capacitors, Melf/Minimelf/Micromelf Resistors, Wirewound Resistors, Metal Oxyde Resistors, Metal Film Resistors, Magnetic Components, Anti Sulfur Resistors, Passivated Resistors.

Klaus P. Kruse

Managing Director & Purchase/Sales Director