ROHS Conversion Service

Kruse is able to convert ROHS complaint components into leaded components or to convert any of your leaded semiconductors – such as excessive leaded stock, discontinued components, etc. – into leadfree RoHS complaint components ! This is done through a proprietary chemical process developed for the last 2 years by one of our international strategic partners and is supportedwith official certificates.

Whisker :- Whisker emerge processes became and can cause especially easily with building groups, that with lead-free tin plumbing short circuits on galvanically produced leader disks or also between building elements. In security critical uses of the electronics, for example OFF motor vehicles or ESP systems in motor vehicles, become would plumb used because of the lacking long-term stability further lead containing because previously only through it the Whisker development can be prevented. Whisker emerge partially first after years business, and the beginning danger cannot be measured from outside. The Whisker blowouts can have led to be sure in about 10 mA again, until there the flowed current however already to the component damage and/or false function.

  • Avoidance of costly re design through conversion and utilization of ROHS or obsolete components
  • Conversion of complete inventories to the avoidance of value write-offs.
  • Components in conformity evasion by delivery times for RoHS.
  • Component in conformity cost savings by the aimed buys of leaded component vis-à-vis ROHS