Procurement and kitting services | Customized procurement solutions

Kruse Electronic Components provides our clients in critical situations with customized solutions for electronic and peripheral component supplies: With over 60 years experience, we have developed a very efficient organization, we know the market very well and we are always informed. You can search online or contact us directly.

Kruse offers the following spectrum of business to optimize your procurement concepts and purchasing processes:

We operate worldwide in the areas of:
  • Logistic Solutions
  • Independent distribution for active and passive components and Optoelectronics and electro mechanics
  • 24/7 – global product search and reachable through our offices in US and Asia
  • Hard-to-find and discontinued parts, proactive obsolescence management
  • ISO 9001 : 2015 certified
  • Specialty components
  • Small batches for prototypes, pre-production series and development needs
  • Long-term standard demand and shortage management
  • Strategic components and commodities