Hi-Rel Fuses P600L

AEM, Inc. HRB Series Ferrite Chip Beads are manufactured in an AS9100 facility in the USA (San Diego, CA) and offer full material and process traceability. All components are manufactured with qualified materials and process systems and tested according to DSCC drawing 03024.


HRB Series beads are designed for mission critical applications. Capable of operating in harsh environments and extreme temperatures, these Hi-Rel chips are tin whisker free with Sn/Pb or Au terminations. A variety of EIA/EIAJ chip sizes from 0603 to 1206 are offered and feature nickel barrier terminations with a solder pad finish to ensure a reliable solder connection.



AEM, Inc. is the only US manufacturer of solid state current limiting fuses manufactured using thick film technology followed by testing and qualification for spacecraft/satellite applications. AEM, Inc.’s P600L series fuses have been selected by most major space programs and have been in orbit without failure for the past 35 years.


• Used in military and commercial satellites and spacecraft,including manned spacecraft

• Protection of power supplies, batteries and solar systems

• Isolation of redundant and branch circuits

• Short-circuit protection by fired squib and ejector circuit



  • Consistent clearing times achieved at overload currents regardless of vacuum conditions
  • Solid body construction without outgassing and not subjected to the de-rating factors of MIL-STD-975
  • Solid body construction capable of withstanding greater vibration and shock exposure without damage
  • Positive temperature coefficient of fuse element causing resistance to increase (prior to opening) thereby preventing absolute short to the power source
  • Internal construction ensuring that arc, plasma, and vapor are contained within the fuse package during overload current conditions
  • Groups A/B data supplied with each shipment and Group C inspection optional
  • High-reliability fuse series with over 29 million hours of life testing without a failure
  • Available as QPL Certified per MIL-PRF-23419/12