Wireless Modules & GPS/GNSS

Mobile radio standards such as GSM / GPRS, UMTS and LTE are increasingly being used, particularly in mobile or globally distributed facilities, in order to meet the growing demand for networking M2M devices (machine-to-machine) such as machines, vehicles or vending machines. Satellite-based radio systems such as GPS and GNSS are also used for position determination and navigation.

We are committed to providing some of the best IoT devices and software platforms and also help our customers build their own solutions and connect with other partners in the IoT ecosystem. We can offer products that are widely deployed in the tablet, OTT boxes, cameras, and IoT markets.



Manufacturers & Contacts

  • Ai-ThinkerTechnology Co.,Ltd.wasestablished in 2012 and has been focusing on the loTfield. They are a leading provider of wireless modulesand related solutions,focusing on communicationsequipment and the wireless loT industry.Ai-Thinkeristechnology-intensive high-tech enterprise integratingdesign,R&D and production.As a pioneer in theInternet of Things industry ,Ai-ThinkerTechnologyhas been committed to serving global partners andhas become a leading wireless module supplier in theloTindustry.
  • Locosys Technology is a R&D focused company with a very strong technical team as its backbone constantly propelling it forward as a leader in the GPS/GNSS market. All team members are highly experienced and have been engaged in the field of electronics, navigational communications and GPS related applications for many years.
    Locosys design capabilities and technical expertise in developing superior GPS products/modules keep us at the forefront of the GPS/GNSS market.
    Mass production of the products is manufactured by self-owned ISO and TS/IATF 16949 production line. Our numerous years of experience in the GPS market, outstanding product design capabilities, high-quality products, skillful technical service and worldwide network are our biggest assets.

Klaus P. Kruse

Managing Director & Purchase/Sales Director