Karl Kruse provides a comprehensive solution for more demanding acoustic requirements for the frequency spectrum with an extensive selection of dynamic loudspeakers. Our portfolio meets all requirements for high-quality loudspeakers, but also offers inexpensive series for sound reproduction in various electronic products, e.g. automotive parking aid / instrument cluster / alarm tone, mobile phones, wired phones, laptops, PDAs, MP3 players, household appliances and general electronics.

Karl Kruse offers a wide range of Speakers, such as:

  • Mylar Speaker
  • Loud Speaker
  • Notebook Speaker


Manufacturers & Contacts

  • DB Products Limited is a professional acoustic components manufacturer. Since our early establishment in 1976, research and development is and always been one of our key of success. We designs and manufactures some of the leading components that is now using in the world market, currently we have over 4,000 different models, and the number is still growing everyday. http://www.db.com.hk/dbcomhk/en/
  • Hua-Jie was established in 1989, and currently is headquartered in Taoyuan, Taiwan. With 30 years of R&D and production experience, they  provide various switches and electroacoustic products manufactured for different industries.

Klaus P. Kruse

Managing Director & Purchase/Sales Director