OLED + Monochrome Displays

Karl Kruse offer a wide range of Passive Matrix Organic Light Emitting Displays (OLED) in character and graphic formats. OLED displays are available in active (AM) or passive (PM) matrix designs. Mostly monochrome, PM OLED in various colors and form factors are found in the industrial sector. Technologically, OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) are self-illuminating thin-film organic compounds made of organic, semiconducting materials and do not require any additional illumination source. The screens are lighter and thinner than conventional LCDs.


Manufacturers & Contacts

  • Midas Displays offer a wide range of Passive Matrix Organic Light Emitting Displays (OLED) in character and graphic formats. These emissive displays are available in a range of colours on a black background (negative mode). The standard colours are white and yellow (offering 100K hours to half brightness), and also red, blue, green, and RGB. Operating temperature ranges include standard (-40 to +70 deg C) and wide (-40 to +80 deg C). Advantages of OLED technology include very low power consumption, very wide viewing angle (up to 175 degrees), and low profile display thickness.The character devices are generally 5V modules with built in controllers which offer 4 font sets on 1 device. These include English/Japanese, West European, Scandinavian European, and Cyrillic (Russian). Sizes are all comparable to industry standard LCD character displays.The graphic devices have drive voltages of 2.7, 3.3, or 5 volts depending on resolution/colour. All OLED graphic modules in the Midas range have on-board controllers and interfaces include parallel, serial, and I2C. Sunlight readable technology is also available. Many small size graphic modules are ideal for wearable technology and handheld instrumentation applications.
  • Tsingtek’s OLED display modules offers a brighter, higher contrast with an unbelievable response time. The high color saturation coupled with the high contrast and low power allows this technology to fit well into any market including handheld products. Our OLED display modules have viewing angles greater than 160° in all directions, wider temperature range from -40 to+80℃. All are RoHS compliant with built-in controllers and one or more interfaces such as 8-bit parallel and SPI.
  • Winstar is a professional OLED Module Supplier. They provide a wide range of standard passive matrix OLED (PMOLED) / OLED dot matrix display and custom design Character OLED modules, Graphic OLED displays and OLED display panels.  Mechanical structure includes Chip on Board (COB), Chip on Glass (COG), and TAB (Tape Automated Bonded) types. Customers can upgrade applications from STN LCD to OLED displays easily. Winstar OLED modules are featured with all the important advantages –
    1. Unlimited viewing angle “Up to 175 degree”
    2. Thin – No need of backlight, self emitting
    3. High Brightness
    4. High contrast ratio “Up to 2000:1”
    5. Wide Operation Temperature “-40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃”
    6. Lower power consumption

    Winstar Passive Matrix OLED Modules are perfect for wearable devices, hardware wallet, E-cigarette, white goods, smart home applications, IoT System, medical system, industrial instrument, DJ mixer, car equipment, car dashboard, car audio, car clock, car door display system, water ionizer, sewing machine, meter, ammeter, instrument tuner, external hard disk, printers…etc.

    We provide many solutions such as I2C OLED display, SPI OLED display, SSD1306 OLED displaymicro OLED, mini OLED display and OLED touch display.

Klaus P. Kruse

Managing Director & Purchase/Sales Director