Li-ion Polymer Battery


  • High energy density and operating voltage of 3.7V
  • High discharge rate for more powerful devices
  • Lithium-ion polymer batteries are of outstanding discharge rate, sufficient to power a hard disk,video cameras and other such devices
  • Stable discharge under various environmental conditions, and
  • temperatures, from –20℃ to +60℃
  • Superior storage characteristics
  • The self-discharge rate of Lithium-ion polymer battery is about 3% per month when stored at room temperature
  • Excellent cost performance and long cycle life
  • Superior recharging properties ensure a service life of up to 800 cycles under normal usage conditions
  • Environmentally friendly


Portable DVD players,  Bluetooth devices wireless devices,  wearable electronic devices,  PDA and digital cameras,  security display stands for phones and tablets,   camera anti-theft display stands,  electric bikes,  GPS, monitoring units, tracking units,  notebook computers, e-books,  telematics,  real-timelocation tracking systems,   tracking devices,  sleep management equipment,  blood oxygen tracking equipment,   pulse monitors,  Wi-Fi enabled smart home systems.

Klaus P. Kruse

Managing Director & Purchase/Sales Director