Piezo technology-based products used for applications that place particularly high demands on keyboards or operating elements.

At present, we can  products include touch switches, capacitive switches, membrane switches, nameplates, silicone keypads, FPC circuit, silver ink circuit and other products, which are widely used in automobiles, finance, military, industry, communications, petroleum, education, intelligent toys and other equipment.



Manufacturers & Contacts

  • As an original supplier of silicone and rubber products, rubber keypads and membrane keyboards, Win Industry Company established in 1978 in Taipei.
  • XuFeng EC (HK) Limited (Short name: XiongFeng TECH), is established in 2005,In early years, they produced all kinds of membrane switch keyboards. According to marketing development, Xu Feng EC focused on the development and production of touch switches, capacitive switches and other switches from 2007. Over the years, they have cooperated with many customers successively and become the largest touch switches, capacitive switches, membrane switches and other switches in Guangdong, China

Klaus P. Kruse

Managing Director & Purchase/Sales Director