DC/DC Converter

Karl Kruse provides a wide range of different DC/DC converter, DC/DC converter ICs you with a diverse selection of package configurations (SIP, DIP, Din-rail, etc.), input/output voltage options and multiple protections.

Our DC/DC converters are ideal for Aerospace, industrial control, communications industry, electric power system, rail transportation.



Manufacturers & Contacts

  • Modular Devices, Inc. (MDI) designs and produces an exceptionally wide range of power supplies for military, aerospace, and commercial space applications. From single converters to robust converter assemblies, MDl’s high-reliability hybrid DC-DC converters with built-in EMI filtering offer optimum technology in the smallest, lightest packages for the most demanding specifications.MDI can produce unique power electronic functions quickly and efficiently with its in-house thick film hybrid facility and magnetics capability. Furthermore, the company’s extensive inventory of proven designs and automated design techniques drive MDl’s realistic development costs-and lead-time.As a USA-based, ISO 9001: 2008 registered company, Modular Devices Inc. offers the accessibility, resources and experience to accommodate your diverse and most challenging requirements.Available opportunities and benefits when selecting MDI products:The best choice for the development of power systems and the layout.Autonomous and semi-autonomous systems, custom packages that meet the requirements of customers.Assistance in the selection of parts, standard components with the minimum number of measurements; construction or a new custom design.Development and production of a wide range of standard and custom power supplies for aircraft, aerospace, military and industrial use.Optimal solutions for each product.A thorough computer analysis using thermal management, which ensures high reliability.Inclusion in their development of new technologies and advances in the sphere of high-frequency engineering.Possibility of combining several hybrid DC/DC-converters in semi-custom or custom systems with high-density assembly.VME, SEM E Layouts or Custom layout.
    MDI successfully manufactures power supplies installation for unique products.
    PDF Catalog and Brochures

    1. MDI’s Hybrid DC – DC Converters Catalog and Application Notes
    2. MDI’s Catalog Supplement Volume 01
    3. MDI’s Industrial/Railway Grade Catalog
    4. MDI Hybrid DC-DC Converters Brochure
    5. MDI Space Power Supply Brochure
    6. MDI 3700 Series Brochure
  • PAIRUI GROUP is a vertically integrated company focused on designing and manufacturing of power supplies. The group has from power supply manufacturers, through upstream manufacturers of transformers, inductors, magnetic cores and plastic parts, all under the same ownership. Most important benefits from integration include cost reduction and flexibilities. As a result, PAIRUI is able to offer power supply products with very competitive price, and design unique products to fit the most demanding needs. For more than 30 years cultivated in this industry, PAIRUI’s goal is to be your trusted power partner. Let PAIRUI show you the convenience and ease of using power supplies – Powerfully Easy – PAIRUI.
  • Founded in 1989 ,PowerGood is a Taiwanese company, that designs and manufactures DC/DC converter. The product range includes converters from 5W to 960W. All products are compatible with industry standards. PowerGood lays great emphasis on high efficiency, wide input voltage ranges (up to 450VDC), processing of environmentally friendly materials and good EMC values. Typical fields of applications are telecommunications, automation, transportation (especially railway), as well as aerospace.
    POWRMOD offers unique DC-DC converter solutions that simplify your application’s unique power requirements. Based on thirty years of high rel DC-DC experience, engineered and manufactured in the USA with quality components.
  • Top Power Electronics Technology Limited is a leading manufacturer of power converters:DC-DC AC-DC converters power modules (PCB mountable converter modules/powered converter) in Guangzhou, China.
    Their product range consists of :

    1. 0.25W-2W SMD DC-DC converters
    2. 0.1-3W DC-DC converters
    3. 5-10W DC-DC converters
    4. 10W-40W DC-DC converters
    5. 3W-30W AC-DC module
    6. Package: SMD/SIP/DIP
    7. isolated voltage: 0KVDC,1.5KVDC,2KVDC,3KVDC,6KVDC,10KVDC,2.5KVAC,3KVAC,4KVAC
    8. NEW products: 25W-1200W Enclosed /Open frame type AC-DC Switching Power supply,
      15-480W AC-DC DIN RAIL Power Supply.

Klaus P. Kruse

Managing Director & Purchase/Sales Director