Karl Kruse offers an extensive product portfolio of connectors, the optimal connection for every application.

The right connector for every application:

  • Audio Connectors
  • Board and Wire Connectors
  • Card Connectors
  • Card Edge Connectors
  • Circular and Rectangular Connectors
  • Data Connectors
  • E-Mobility
  • FFC/FPC Connectors and Cable
  • MIL Standard Connectors
  • RF/Coax Connectors and Cable
  • Terminal Blocks
  • Other Connectors


Manufacturers & Contacts

  • Established in 1992, Allied Components International has been the first choice of top tier OEMs and contract manufacturers worldwide for inductors, LAN magnetics, ferrite beads, custom transformers, toroids, common mode chokes, and RJ45 connectors. We specialize in state of the art, cost effective magnetic component solutions.
  • Attend Technology specializes in connectors included memory card socket, PCB card socket, I / O connector, sensor connector and custom cable assemblies. With its well-trained engineers, sales staff and factory workers is NBL able to provide customers components for consumer electronics, networking and industrial applications. Attend has gained across the globe over the years a lot of experience in the Multinational Cooperation. At times more than 70% of the products sold to European customers.
  • BIX Connectors specialized in circular push pull connectors, equivalent to leading circular push pull connectors supplier, metal and plastic housing. BIX has turning, injection-molding process in house, very strong design and engineering capabilities, high efficiency and flexibility, cost effective. Application includes medical electronics, testing & measurement devices, military communication devices. Equivalents to leading circular push pull suppliers, modifications and customer design is welcome.
  • DEGSON is a world-famous industrial connection solution provider, founded 1990.
    Degson is a leading manufacturer of Terminal Blocks, Circular Connectors, Din-Rail TB, Electrical Vehicle Charger, HDC Connectors and other electronic products. They provide excellent products and professional services to multiple industries such as industrial automation, instrumentation, power, rail transport, shipbuilding, new energy, elevator, lighting, security, machinery and etc.
  • ECE (Excel Cell Electronic Co., Ltd.) is a company founded in 1981 in Taiwan, whose product range includes a wide variety of switches, relays and connectors.
    ECE offers the following connectors:

    1. Board to Board
    2. Board to Wire
    3. EPJ
    4. FPC Connectors
    5. IO & Battery
    6. Machine Pin Socket
    7. USB
    8. Other
  • Established in 1966, EDAC providing connectors for Card Edge and Rack & Panel applications. Since then, they have expanded their product offering to include one of the widest ranges of interconnect solutions in the world. Products include D-Sub, RJ45, USB &Firewire, Waterproof, PLCC Sockets, Pin Headers, Cable Assemblies and Custom Solutions.
  • Io Audio Technologies, designs, develops and manufactures a broad line of audio equipment that meets the needs of customers around the globe. We are a company of life-long musicians, music lovers, and music industry professionals with founders that have extensive backgrounds in the live sound industry. Along the way, they have had the pleasure of working with a long list of Grammy award winning artists. Their  team has leveraged this combined experience and brought it into the manufacturing world by creating amazing products that they know professionals and musicians alike will love (because they love and use them every day). We welcome your requests for special features or unique design requirements. With in-house design and engineering teams, their expert logistics and customer support departments develop the right products for any specialized needs.
  • Konnect RF provides a complete line of RF connectors, adapters, cable assemblies and passive microwave components with a focus on quality & cost-effectiveness connect.They can provide lower-cost alternatives for almost any part in the industry for RF/Microwave connectors that include SMA, SSMB, BNC, N, CMS and many other types Connectors/Adapters, Cable Assemblies.MIL-PRF 39012, MIL-A 55339, MIL-C-83517, and MIL- STD-348. Just send us the part number or drawing and we will be happy to provide pricing, lead time, and drawing for evaluation.
  • METZ CONNECT is a manufacturer of high quality products that bring communication capability from the PCB to the Internet. With three product lines, we serve a large segment of the market including the rapidly growing Industrial Ethernet networks. For manufacturers of electronic devices, connectors from our U|Contact product family are well known for use in power signal and communication applications. Spring and screw terminal blocks, RJ45 jacks and board-to-board connectors are part of this portfolio which were previously known under the brand name RIA CONNECT. For structured cabling networks, our P|Cabling products provide the best in both traditional facility wiring and a wide offering of industrial Ethernet products. Products include data center 19″​patch panels, jacks, and plugs that require no special tools for installation. We specialize in Cat. 6A systems in both markets as well as fiber optic systems. For building automation systems, our C|Logline products offer a range of DIN rail mounted I/O for Lonworks, BACnet, Modbus and other networks. They provide a compact and easy solution to adding points or extending the network into remote areas. Both our P|Cabling and C|Logline products previously labeled under the brand name of BTR NETCOM.
  • Morecrafts Technology is a professional manufacturer in producing wide variety of connectors. They are specialized in manufacturing Board to Board, Wire to Board, Wire-to-Wire connectors. To satisfy customers’ demands, they keep expanding their product range to Communication, Consumer Electronics and Automobile Electronics. Aside from standard products, they have a veteran R&D engineer team to develop customized OEM cases to decrease project cost.
  • Today, Neltron has become a dedicated specialist in the field of electronic connectors and tailored solution for customized connectors with 30 years of experience. Products are: Connector, IC Socket, PGA Socket, 2 in 1 Connector, Pin Manufacture wire harness, board to board connector, wire to board connector and other electronic …
  • Xmultiple manufactures precision interface connectors and components. The connector product lines include RJ connectors, SATA/eSATA, SIM card connector, SD card connector, USB connector, HDMI connector, Headers, Ribbon connectors, RF connectors/convertors, Combo connectors, DC Power, AC Socket and RJ magnetic connectors with integrated components. THeir component product lines include LAN modules, power inductors, common mode chokes, and emerging high speed transformers.

Klaus P. Kruse

Managing Director & Purchase/Sales Director