MDI model *3678 Hybrid EMI Filters upgrade legacy converters with internal MIL-STD-461C CE03 EMI filters to meet the latest MIL-STD-461D,E,F,G test method

MDI introduced the industry’s first hybrid DC-DC converters featuring built-in MIL-STD-461C CE03 EMI filters. 461C CE03 is a recognized EMI specification in widespread use that uses feed-through capacitors and a current probe to measure conducted emissions on power lines in dBμA units.

More recent test methods of MIL-STD-461D,E,F, G CE102 measure conducted emissions in voltage mode using a line impedance stabilization network referenced to a 50 ohm impedance in dBμV units. Also, after adjusting for a 34dB measurement differential, CE102 uses a newer slope-adjusted limit curve as compared to CE03. In the frequency range of 100-400kHz, where many hybrid DC-DC converters operate, the newer CE102 limits can be up to 24dB lower than corresponding CE03 limits.

MDI offers the model *3678, a compact standalone, low attenuation solution that permits users to meet newer MIL-STD-461D,E,F,G CE102 limits with legacy converters having built-in 461C CE03 filters.

The *3678 family of filters, sized to accommodate a broad range of popular satellite, ISS/Orion, airframe and vehcle input voltage buses, incorporate a common

mode stage and two low attenuation, low resonance differential mode stages.

The resulting design achieves the necessary attenuation for CE102 compliance while minimizing the possibility of excessive input filter impedance mismatch that

might otherwise result in DC-DC converter loop instability.

A single filter can serve several DC-DC converters up to the rated maximums and two or more *3678 filters may be used in parallel to serve multiple DC-DC

converters sharing the same input bus. Please see our application notes for insertion loss curves and full technical details.


Input Voltage 12 VDC 28 VDC 50 VDC 70 VDC 100 VDC 120 VDC 270 VDC
Hybrid EMI Filter
Meets MIL-STD-461D/E/F/G
CE102 Requirements
13678 53678 73678 83678 93678 33678 23678

MDI model *3727 MOAF (Mother Of All Filters) series meets the latest MIL-STD-461D,E,F,G CE102 test method requirements when used with most unfiltered DC – DC converters Now, MDI offers the model *3727 MOAF series, a compact standalone, low attenuation low I²R loss solution that permits users to meet newer MIL-STD-461D,E,F,G CE102 limits with legacy converters having built-in 461C CE03 filters.

They are particularly useful in power system applications where multiple DC-DC converters are paralleled in high load current and/or N+1 redundant applications.

The *3727 MOAFs, sized to accommodate a broad range of popular satellite, ISS/Orion, airframe and vehicle input voltage buses, incorporate two common mode stages and three low attenuation, low resonance differential mode stages.

The resulting design achieves the necessary attenuation for CE102 compliance while minimizing the possibility of excessive input filter impedance mismatch that might otherwise result in DC-DC converter loop instability .

Further, the design avoids use of multi-turn wound inductors, greatly reducing internal I²R copper losses, improving efficiency and reducing power dissipation.

A single MOAF can serve multiple DC-DC converters up to the published rated maximum current..

Please see our application notes for insertion loss curves and full technical details.


Input Voltage28 VDC50 VDC70 VDC100 VDC120 VDC270 VDC
MOAF EMI Filter3727 / 537277372783727937273372723727
EMI Filter3738 / 3723 3742374237423739

DC Product Offering A Wide Range Of Automotive Applications From Orion Fans

Designed for demanding environments – Orion Fans supports a wide range of automotive applications with high air flow and energy efficient DC fans and blowers .

For automotive applications Orion Fans has expanded its DC product offering to provide enhanced cooling solutions. Extensive blower and DC fans product line delivers efficient cooling solutions for automotive applications including air conditioning, air filtering, diagnostic equipment, infotainment system, LED headlights/brake light, navigation system, seat cushion, and specialty cooling applications.

Orion’s family of DC fans deliver superior airflows up to 1200 CFM, designed for highly restrictive environments

To cool electronic systems and other high static pressure applications, the high performance fan series feature specially designed blades that focus air movement to push/pull air through obstacles. Orion’s DC Blowers provide a low power, energy-efficient solution. These blowers are ideal for air filtration and ventilation systems, available from 50mm to 182mm with airflows up to 136 CFM,

To meet automotive requirements, many fans and blowers from Orion are available with ratings up to IP68. Salt fog-rated fans and blowers are also available.

Orion’s DC blowers and fans offer a space-saving design, simplified installation and mounting, and maintenance-free operation in automotive applications,” said Klaus Kruse CEO at Karl Kruse. “ Orion’s DC fans supports in addition to cooling systems for vehicles a wide range of automotive applications including, diagnostic equipment for engines, electric vehicle charging systems, transmissions, truck cabs, and brakes.”

Orion Fans’ DC fan family http://orionfans.com/products/dc-fans

Orion Fans’ DC blowers http://orionfans.com/products/dc-blowers

Orion Fans’ DC motorized impeller family http://www.orionfans.com/products/dc-blowers.html

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Advanced Protection For A Wide Range Of Applications Deliver Advanced Cost-Effective Specialty Louvered Fan Guard Filters

Orion Fans Launches Specialty Fan Filters Offering Fire Protection, Low Pressure Drop and Water Resistance

Orion Fans’ specialty air filters provide low pressure drop, water resistance or fire protection, when combined with an Orion Fans louvered filter fan kit or louvered fan guard (LFG Series) snap-on, slide or hinged versions.

The FHD Series (high density), the FHDH Series (water resistant) and FHDP Series (fire protection) are essential filtration solutions for networking and communications equipment where compliance to NEBS, ATCA and other industrial computer specifications are required, With the ability to capture large amounts of airborne dust in industrial enclosure applications.

The ability to capture large amounts of airborne dust in industrial enclosure applications, the FHD (high density) Series is a foam air filter that delivers low pressure drop, fire resistance.

To meet custom filtration performance requirements, high density foam air filters are available in a broad range of porosities (PPI). The standard is 45 PPI. For electronics in industrial, medical, telecom, power gen and military electronics air filter applications, the filters comply with UL 94 HF-1 self- extinguishing flame safety standards.

The FHDH (water resistant) Series is a hydrophobic mesh air filter that features a water-repellent, low pressure drop media to reduce ingress of airborne mist and other liquids in harsh environment enclosures. The FHDH Series is a cost- effective alternative to expensive, more air flow restrictive membrane media. The hydrophobic filter media is a durable, cleanable, moisture-resistant solution for indoor/outdoor cabinets and process equipment requiring mist elimination zones. The hydrophobic mesh will help meet various enclosure-level standards such as MIL-STD, NEMA and IP ratings.

The FHDP (fire protection) Series are PyroCide air filters that can be used for electronics enclosure applications that require stringent flame safety standards.

The filters are aluminum honeycomb thermal barriers treated with a heat responsive intumescent flame coating for fire containment in electronics enclosures. The filters are designed with thin profiles and configured with aluminum honeycomb that provides low resistance to airflow. Edge-to-edge venting requirements and intricate designs are combined with precision metal fabricated aluminum frames and housings.

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We Will Take This As An Opportunity To Thank You For The Trust You Have Placed In Us And For The Pleasant Cooperation

Happy Holidays – thank you for your magnificent Business !!!

The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season is exciting for our staff. But we have not forgotten about our loyal customers + partners. Thank you for your excellent support this year. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership in 2019! Karl Kruse will begin its annual winter shutdown on December 22, 2018. After that day, the team will be out of the office, returning on Wednesday, January 2, 2019. If you need to place an order you can check out our webshop www.kruse24.com .

Karl Kruse wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a healthy and successful New Year!

Santa Klaus with Team.


Automotive IC

In the field of Analog & Mixed Signal especially, supplying core technology ICs for Automotive, Smoke-Detector, Earth Leaking Detector, LED Lighting and Home-Appliances, IK Semicom Co., Ltd is the professional IC`s design-leading fabless semiconductor company.

Automotive POWER ASIC
Alternator Regulator with RVC Interface
Alternator Multi Function Regulator
Active MOSFET Rectifier for Alternator
Power Folding for Outside Rear view Mirror
Automotive LDO
Automotive Sensor ASIC
Automotive Room Lamp Module
Wipe/Wash Wiper Control IC
CAN Controller / CAN Transceiver

Automotive Motor Driver
Automotive LDO
Automotive Communication
Automotive ASIC
Power Folding
Alternator Regulator
Alternator Rectification FET Controller
Head Lamp Leveling Driver
Inductive Stop Lamp switch Sensor
Fluxgate Sensor
SoC Room Lamp Module
IK Semicon will always remain close to the lives of customers and promise that they will take a step forward with you.

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EC Fans Offer Spark Proof IP68-ATEX Protection For Harsh AC Applications

Electronically commutated (EC) fans combine rugged performance with significant cost savings..

To include spark proof IP68-ATEX rated versions for applications involving explosive atmospheres or flammable gases, Orion Fans has expanded its family of Electronically Commutated (EC) fans. Developed for Zone 2 equipment, the implementation of IP68-ATEX fans into a design eliminates the possibility of an explosion or fire.

The EC IP68-ATEX fans are ideal for a broad range of applications including appliances, commercial and process control, refrigeration, HVAC, electronic enclosures and cabinets, available in a range of sizes including 60mm, 120mm, 172mm. Most models are available with a universal voltage range. By maintaining the same interface between the equipment and the fan, EC fans can be used as drop-in replacements for equivalent-sized AC fans.

The AC input fans utilize a brushless DC motor and incorporate voltage transformation within the motor for significantly lower power consumption. Enabling customers to meet energy-consumption requirements from agencies like ENERGY STAR, this equates to power savings of up to 50%.

The IP68-ATEX rated EC Series combines energy conservation with maximum protection. These EC fans are ideal for power-hungry applications that require a spark proof fan design to thwart potentially dangerous and harmful situations.

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High Current Fuses With High Power Density

AEM Components’ High-Current, High-Power-Density Fuses Offer Full Range from 20A to 100A in Single Package Size

CMF series fuses provide safe power density and a robust, unified package for simplified circuit design.

AEM Components CMF series high current solid-body fuses are available in both commercial and automotive segments, each with their own part numbers for rated currents of 20 to 100 amps at 125 VDC. All models of this series are offered in the uniform 2822-SMD housing. This standardized footprint for all models is a significant advantage in platform development. The series offers a safe power density 548 VA / mm3 @ 100 A.

In addition, the series features 1.85 mΩ @ 20 A and 0.41 mΩ @ 100 A DC resistors that limit excessive heating, high switching capability of 1500 A @ 60 VDC / 250 A @ 125 VDC and short extinguishing times 250% <60 s for a very high inrush current resistance and a wide operating temperature range of -55 to 125 ° C.

The CMF Series builds on AEM components advanced manufacturing technology. The solid, robust structure of these fuses assures reliable operation in environments where temperature cycling and high mechanical vibration are present. The patented compact design in construction and arc suppression materials make achieving one of the best safe power density in high power applications. The devices singular fuse link/terminal construction eliminates problems that occur with traditional ceramic tube interconnection techniques.

Key Features

• Current ratings from 20A to 125A (150A rating in development)
• Application specific voltage ratings 32Vdc to 125Vdc
• Standardized footprint / miniaturized package size for all values
• Miniaturization through elimination of multiple parallel fuse designs
• Solid robust structure using singular fuse link / terminal
• Solderless, RoHS compliant / Halogen free construction
• High Interrupting ratings – for excellent inrush current capability
• Best in Class Safe Power Density @ 421 VA/mm3 ( Ref 1000A @ 75Vdc)
• Best in Class DCR ratings – to minimize excessive power loss &
optimize thermal management
• IATF 16949:2016 manufacturing facility
• Automotive grade version qualified to AEC-Q200 pending

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We Connect You !!! EDAC And Karl Kruse Cooperate

EDAC Inc. is a Canadian success story. Founded in 1966, EDAC has become the world leader in edge card, rack and panel connectors, card edges, and various other plug and socket connectors, such as RJ11, RJ45, D-Sub, USB, and Firewire connectors and Jacks, PLCC Sockets, and Customized Cable Assemblies. Many of its older designs have remained in use for years, and the product line has been expanded to include the world’s most complete line of connectivity solutions.

Headquartered in Markham, Ontario, EDAC today has design and customer service centers around the world, manufacturing facilities in China and customer logistics centers in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
With the franchise distribution of the EDAC product range, Karl Kruse is expanding its range and the product range of connectors. Karl Kruse sees itself as a full-service agency. “With low minimum order quantities, short lead times and flexible tool options, we can offer our customers the right solution. Our range includes many established products such as Card Edge +, D-Sub, USB – A, B, & C Types, HDMI and Rack & Panel Areas. EDAC’s customer-solution capabilities distinguish the manufacturer as EDAC manufactures customized products for highly reliable applications such as wind turbines, data storage and rail signaling. All tailor-made solutions are tailored to the specific needs and challenges of the customer, “emphasizes Managing Director Klaus Kruse.

Find out about all of our latest solutions, services and technologies at the all about Automation from June 5th to 6th in Essen at Messehalle 1, booth 724. Come along and exchange ideas with us under the motto “Karl Kruse – We connect you!”.
A snapshot of the solutions we can offer, including new and innovative waterproof connectors, and many well-established favorites such as edge cards, D-Sub, USB-A, B and C types, and HDMI.
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Replace AC Fan With EC Fan

EC fans offer significant advantages over conventional AC fans.

Greater scalability, less weight and above all cost savings are offered by EC fans in contrast to AC fans.
The AC-powered fans use brushless DC motors and utilize voltage conversion within the motor for significantly lower power consumption. This equates to energy savings of up to 50 percent and enables customers to meet the energy consumption requirements of government agencies such as ENERGY STAR.

Of course, we also like to inform you personally about all advantages. Take for example the all about automation in Essen. From 5th to 6th June our sales team will be waiting for you in hall 1 booth 724. Get a free ticket and drop by. We look forward to you!
Further advantages when switching to EC fans

• Efficiency: With the new fans, customers achieve better efficiency, which already uses conventional AC fans in existing applications. This also has important implications for future environmental regulations. The EnEV already affects appliances that are used for the heating and air conditioning of buildings.
• Spectrum: For customers, there are now more options for using the fans that were previously used by AC fans because there was no DC power supply in the devices. A broader spectrum is available in terms of design and size as well as air output.

Karl Kruse: We supply the new energy-saving EC fans from the manufacturer Orion Fans for a broad range of applications including appliances, commercial and process control, refrigeration, HVAC, electronic enclosures and cabinets. We also advise our customers on the new product features and applications.

Karl Kruse Mourns Company Founders

We sadly bid farewell to our father and company founder Karl Kruse, who died on 4 June 2019 at the age of 93 years.

When Karl founded Karl Kruse GmbH & Co KG in 1951, Karl Kruse was one of the pioneers of distribution. He started buying up overstocks of the radio and television industry. At the same time, he imported goods from the Far East and the USA and informed his customers about current products with his “yellow lists”.

Through entrepreneurial courage and tireless commitment, he built up the company and successfully managed the business for many years until the handover to us. In spite of constantly changing market conditions, he recognized opportunities early on and helped his customers develop them profitably. Together with his employees and customers, he developed the right strategy, always keeping an eye on the risks. Mutual trust formed the basis for mutual success.

The elemental building blocks of Karl Kruse’s success are the consistency, trust, quality, motivation and commitment of his employees for each individual project.

For us his death is a great personal loss and we will miss his joie de vivre and warmheartedness very much. The many eventful and shared years under his management and the years thereafter as a caring partner will always remain in honorable memory. We will continue to live the corporate culture he has shaped and are very grateful to him.

We miss you, think of the beautiful memories with you and wish you a good journey wherever you go.
Klaus and Alexander Kruse