New DC-DC Converter Series 6031A Serves Military And Aerospace Applications

Modular Devices, Inc., Shirley, NY (MDI) a global supplier in DC-DC Converter technology for space satellite applications introduces a new model series specifically designed for redundant or single thread military and aerospace applications Series 6031A DC-DC power converters derive any single voltage outputs from the 28Vdc nominal (16 – 50Vdc continuous operating range) input bus. Standard Outputs are 5V,5.2V,12V,15V & 28VDC at 100 Watts. -55°C to +85°C Mil and +125°C Extended temperature ranges models are available.

Magnetically coupled feedback for excellent dynamic load response are fully selfcontained hybrid converters that require no external components. The offer Built-in EMI input filter meeting MIL-STD-461C requirements CE01, CE03, CS01, CS02 and CS06, “Inhibit-not” function, Power on soft start, Short circuit and overvoltage protection, Capability of external sync for switching frequencies, and Built-in test capability.

6031A’s come in a selection of small 2.6×2.7×0.5” hermetic packages for ease of mounting and effective thermal management.

Offered in a number of screening grades and parts quality levels, the 6031A’s are easily and economically tailored to suit cost conscious, ready availability program requirements.

Their flexible internal designs permit fast-turn product variants to suit particular power
and control requirements of any mission.

Wurth WE-HCF-SMD (2013 Series) Alternative

Central Technologies CTHFW2014f Series from 2.2µH to 33µH SMD High Current Shielded Power Inductor


Description: SMD Shieled High Current Power Inductors


Magnetic shielded structur, excellent resistance to electromagnetic interference.
Sturdy contruction
Low magnetic loss, low ESR, small parasitic capacitance.
Closed magnetic circuit, super low buzzig, high density mount.
The temperature rise of current and rated current less influenced by the environment.

Application Use: Storage inductor for high efficency DC/DC converters, Single and

polyphase buck converters, Filter for audio applications, Optimized high current

boost applications, Industrial control PC’s, Servers, DC/DC converters, LED lighting,

Communication equipment, Navigation, etc.

Operating Temperature: -55°C to + 125°C (The part temperature

ambient + temp.rise) of the product should not exceed 125°C

in bad working condition. Circuit design, component placement,

PWB trace size and thickness, airflow and other cooling provi-

sions all effect the parts temperature. Part temperature should be

verified in the final application.

Inductance Tolerance: ±20%

Testing: Inductance at 100kHz, 0.1V

Packaging:Tape & Reel

Marking: Parts are marked with inductance code.

Miscellaneous: RoHS Compliant.

Additional Information: Additional electrical & physical

information available upon request.

Samples available.


Karl Kruse Supports You In Component Obsolescence Management

There has been enough advice on managing obsolescence and obsolescence or end-of-life, and has been a hot topic of discussion in recent years. We all know that these critical events can be significant procurement challenges, including the continuity of manufacturing, quality, cost management and support: not to mention the future maintenance costs.

Especially in devices and systems with a life cycle of more than ten years, experts assume that up to 50 percent of the total product cycle costs are now caused by direct or indirect obsolescence effects.

When selecting a device exchange based on the original system design as well as customer requirements such as cost and time, or function and environment parameters, there are typically limitations. Also, there may be problems with industry certifications, matching components for identical drop-in capability, and delivery problems during the product life cycle.

When EOL events occur, we are often discussing how collaboration across the supply chain can turn the procurement, replacement, or design challenges into a problem. This is true. Partnerships between end-product manufacturers, original component manufacturers and distributors can lead to appropriate short-term supply chain options for the device running EOL. Sales partners can also stand in line with retrofit and replacement solutions.

Through components with shorter life cycles and beyond, we read how the interruption of the production of materials, components and devices is a part of everyday production. The industry knows that every material, product and technology has a life cycle. As product demand falls to smaller volumes, it becomes unprofitable to continue producing a specific part or series, is only a matter of time before the manufacturer discontinues the production of a part.

In order to minimize the impact of the inevitable product break-up and that OEMs have to strategically plan for an EOL event to keep their own production lines in operation, we need to find solutions.
The counterfeiting is a major problem in the electronics world that is only exacerbated by EOL events, we also know. Today even less demanding, more costly parts are falsified. To ensure product quality is working with an authorized supplier with a proven product authenticity and traceability to the original manufacturer is required, procurement professionals also understand.

Unfortunately, what we are not talking about, end -of-life. The partnership with a specialist for the procurement of obsolete components and original component manufacturers, which has no obsolescence policy, is the most suitable solution for CEMs and OEMs. Component manufacturers who have made these promises to their customers are few, but some have committed themselves to doing so.

As an obsolescence specialist, Karl Kruse GmbH & Co KG has been working on the optimization of obsolescence strategies for many years. Solution approaches are in focus, starting with the research of alternative components, 100% traceability of the components, as well as protection against obsolescence such as EOL and PCN services and last time buy etc.

Alternative components are offered by Karl Kruse of various manufacturers and is also an authorized distributor for Calogic, Etron, Orion fans and others.

Calogic offers a range of reliable and long-lasting standard replacement diodes, JFETS and MOSFETs. Just the canceled JFETS from Vishay / Siliconix, are available from Calogic. Calogic designs and manufactures discrete and analog ICs for the use of automotive, automation, computers, instrumentation, medical applications, power management, transportation and telecommunications and others.

“We have been able to find an alternative to the NXP MOSFET BSS83, which has been discontinued, and have been able to qualify them for their OEMs in the automotive and industrial industries “says Klaus Kruse.

Etron and Alliance Memory offer DRAMs and SDRAMs storage solutions for industrial, automotive, medical and consumer areas.

The largest selection of AC fans, DC fans, fan feeders, fan accessories and blowers, Orion offers fans. With the fastest response time, the largest available inventory, the shortest delivery times and competitive prices, Orion fans deliver exactly the cooling solution you need – faster than anyone else.
Automotive manufacturers and manufacturers who develop and produce durable industrial goods such as medical equipment, railway technology or production machines are among our customers. In the forefront of this, 1 customers from all automotive and industrial segments will be present.

There are many pain points in the design and manufacturing process. End-of-life announcement should not be another point of concern.
Contact us if you have a topic that you would like to explore with us.

You can find out more at or in our shop at

POWRMOD 3704 Designed For For Avionics And Commercial Aviation MRO Applications

Meet Samson, the latest offering from:

Modular Devices, Inc., Shirley, NY (MDI) a global supplier in DC-DC Converter technology for Space, Aerospace, Military, and Industrial applications introduces a new model from our POWRMOD product line, specifically designed for for Avionics and commercial Aviation MRO applications.

Series PM3704DC-DC 20W triple output DC-DC converters offer a single +5Vout @ 1A, and ± 12-15Vout @ 400mA.

The PM37404 features the following:

No external components
Precision machined metal case for heat removal and EMI shielding
Common Mode EMI Filters (Input and Ouput)
Low Ripple, independently regulated outputs
Fast Transient Response Time
Simple On-Off control
Short Circuit and output overload protection
Full magnetic isolation (No Optocouplers)
Works through input transients of DO-160G
Designed for long life, reliable operation in Avionics environments
Power Supply Watchdog signals
PM3704’s come in a 48.27×48.27x10mm machined metal case with corner flanges for ease of mounting and effective thermal management.

All POWRMOD products are available with Commercial Screening (-40°C to +85°C ) or Rugged screening (-55°C to +105°) levels.

PM3704 is designed to suit cost conscious, avionics and MRO applications.

Contact: or here.

Happy Holidays – Thank You For Your Magnificent Business !!!

The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season is exciting for our staff.

But we have not forgotten about our loyal customers + partners.

Thank you for your excellent support this year. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership in 2018!

Karl Kruse will begin its annual winter shutdown on December 23, 2017. After that day, the team will be out of the office, returning on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

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Have a happy and safe holiday season.

Santa Klaus with Team.

Model Series 3700 – Basic Building Block DC-DC Converters And EMI Filters

Modular Devices, Inc., Shirley, NY (MDI) a global supplier in DC-DC Converter technology for high reliability applications introduces the 3700 Basic Building Block converter series.

Series Features:

Drop-in replacement of popular competitor models allows easy incorporation into existing or new system
Specifically designed for demanding military and aerospace applications where best value is
Higher Efficiency and Power compared to competitors
No External components required
Fully Isolated design
Magnetic feedback (No Optocouplers)
Input Ripple Current Inductor
Output Common Mode Spike Filter
Inhibit-Not Function
Power on Soft Start
Short Circuit Protection
Choice of PCB or Chassis mount
Various Grade/screening levels available to suit any reliability
EMI filters to meet MIL-STD-461 and other

We Can Easily Replace These Cypress Parts And Offer Customers A Great Alternative Solution

Cypress Semiconductor has decided to announce End of Life on a mainstream SRAM product that is still used by thousands of customers throughout the world. This 256K (32k x 8 )Low Power SRAM has been supplied by Cypress and others for many years. Many customers still require this legacy SRAM in their products. Alliance has produced the same part number / same die rev for over 10 years and will support this same die rev part number for the next 10 years. Alliances mission is to service this legacy SRAM market. Below is the Cypress 32k x 8 Low Power SRAM’s along with the exact pin to pin drop in replaceable Alliance Part number. Alliance feel that they can help to support these customers that wish to continue to use this SRAM.

Cypress Part Number Alliance Cross
CY62256NLL-55SNXI AS6C62256-55SIN
CY62256NLL-55SNXIT AS6C62256-55SINTR
CY62256NLL-70SNXC AS6C62256-55SIN
CY62256NLL-70SNXCT AS6C62256-55SINTR
CY62256NLL-55ZXI AS6C62256-55STIN
CY62256NLL-55ZXIT AS6C62256-55STINTR
CY62256NLL-70PXC AS6C62256-55PCN
CY62256VNLL-70SNXI AS6C62256-55SIN
CY62256VNLL-70ZXC AS6C62256-55STCN
CY62256VNLL-70ZXI AS6C62256-55STIN

For samples or questions , send is an email to or visit our shop.

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High Airflow Motorized Impellers Offer Efficient Cooling Solution

Orion Fans’ high capacity AC & DC motorized impellers maximize air movement and heat dissipation to improve the reliability of electronic components and extend system operating life. Available from 133mm to 400mm, these motorized impellers have sealed dual ball-bearing design and rugged die-cast aluminum frames and contain backward curved blades, making them ideal for electronic cabinet, telecom, networking, air filtration and ventilation systems. These impellers meet UL, cUL, TUV, VDE, and CE standards while providing airflows up to 1900 CFM.

Motorized Impellers Resources

Access AC Product Datasheets

Access DC Product Datasheets

How to Choose a Motorized Impeller


AC models include the required capacitor
DC models include PWM and Tachometer
Broad operating temperature range of -40°C to +80°C
We thank you for your continued interest in Orion Fans and look forward to being of service to you soon. Pls send your questions or requirements to

or visit our shop .

GCTs MEM2075 Push-Pushes Slim MicroSD Connectors To The Limit

One of the slimmest memory card connectors in the market with a push-push ejector type, the MEM2075 has released by GCT. Making it a super-slim option for engineers where there are space limitations and height is a defining feature in their designs ,the MicroSD connector has a profile height of just 1.4mm The product length with card inserted is also a mere 17.25mm, adding to its credentials.

As well as the compact form factor, co-planarity is less than 0.08mm, ensuring profile is kept to a minimum on a PCB. Four PCB retention tabs in “V” profile also give the MEM2075 maximum mechanical strength versus competing products.

The connector is available in a stainless steel cover and latch with SMT contacts. With PCB locating pegs as an option, a card detection switch is present in normally open configuration. The connector has been tested to 5000 mating cycles and operating temperature is between -25°C to +85°C .

“The MEM2075 takes the conventional MicroSD connector and pushes the boundaries on the physical dimensions,” commented Paul Hulatt, Product Manager at GCT. “Being one of the slimmest connectors in class, it’s a great addition to the GCT Memory Card Connector range and offers our customers greater flexibility with their designs where having a low product height is critical.”

The requirement for smaller connectors remains strong, in the face of device miniaturisation and the quest to have lighter, slimmer and more compact electronics. The MEM2075 MicroSD connector is ideal for applications where space consideration is required, From portable electronics to wearable tech.

Product Spec


Housing Material: High temperature thermoplastic
Contact Terminal: Copper alloy
Metallic Shell: Stainless steel
SMT Hold Down: Stainless Steel


Contact terminal plating
Underplating: 50µ” Nickel all over
Contact Plating: 1µ” Gold
Solder Area: Gold flash
Metallic shell plating
Metallic Shell: Nickel, gold flash on solder tabs


Voltage Rating: 30V AC/DC
Current Rating: 0.5A Max per pin
Contact Resistance: 100mΩ Max
Insulation resistance: 1000MΩ Min. (Apply 500 VDC)
Dielectric withstanding voltage: Withstand 500 V AC for 1 min


Durability: 5,000 cycles

Environmental and Processing

Operating Temperature: -25°C to +85°C

Request Quote /Sample

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AEM Introduces 1206 Size SMD Fuses Up To 40A

AEM, introduces its new F1206HC series fuses with compact 1206size at 35VDC rated voltage,

which is the smallest device at this voltage rating on the market.

The current rating of F1206HC fuse is from 10A to 40A

Typical applications include,

  1. Multi-cell lithium battery pack
  2. Brush-less DC motor driver circuits
  3. Switches, Routers, Servers and Storage Systems, GPU board, etc.

“The customers of the lithium battery powered devices like handheld power tools and handheld/robotic vacuum are asking for higher power and longer run-time per charge, at the same time, lighter and smaller size.” says Dr. Liwu Wang, the business development director of AEM, “the new F1206HC series comes with 35VDC which can be used in the devices with up to 8-cell battery packs. It can help design engineer to meet the customer demands of higher power/voltage rating, small compact size and light weight.”

The key features of the F1206HC series are,

  1. Current rating 10 to 40A at 35VDC rated voltage
  2. Compact 1206 size with footprint of 3.2mmx1.6mm
  3. Low DC resistance reduces heat dissipation which is critical in high power applications


F1206HC series is available in tape and reel format with 3000 pcs per reel. Samples is available , pls contact us.

For More Information

More information is available on F1206HC series product page. For technical questions, please contact us at or call us at 49 211 27403530.