A FPGA(field-programmable gate array) is an integrated circuit designed to be configured by a customer after manufacturing.

Advantages are:

  • Very affordable (start at $1,50…)
  • High-level design tools, big eco-system
  • Leading edge technology ensures low power…and Long-term availability (15+ years)

FPGAs are core components in Industrial, Automotive, Broadcast, Computers and Storage, Consumer, Medical, Transportation, Test and Measurement, Military, Renewable Energies and other markets.

Our Services in the FPGA area

  • Only original parts
  • No Counterfeiting parts
  • 100% Traceability is guaranteed
  • You will get the complete manufacturer guarantee
  • You will get a manufacturer CoC
  • Quality Agreements possible
  • Qualified Consulting and design support


Consumer products are electronic equipment for daily use, ordinarily bought by individuals or households for private consumption.

Our Consumer manufacturers are:

AEMAlliance MemoryBIWINBruckewell
Cal Chip ElectronicsCalogicCentral TechnologiesChrontel
DB ProductsEtronFenghua Advanced TechnologyGood-Ark
Goodsky ElectricHTC-KoreaIK SemikonMaxtena
Midas DisplaysMorecraftNeltronNetsol
Orion FansSMC-Diodes

Our Services in this area

  • Only original parts
  • No Counterfeiting parts
  • 100% Traceability is guaranteed
  • You will get the complete manufacturer guarantee
  • You will get a manufacturer CoC
  • Quality Agreements possible
  • Qualified Consulting and design support


Karl Kruse guides customers in the automotive market through most challenging issues, continually looking for the best solutions combined with excellent services will help our customers to cut time-to-market and boost their competitive advantages from this industry.


Our Automotive manufacturers are:

AdataAEMAlliance MemoryBIWIN
BruckewellCal Chip ElectronicsCalogicCentral Technologies
ChrontelComchipDB ProductsEDAC
EtronFenghua Advanced TechnologyGood-ArkGoodsky Electric
GTCAPHascoHTC-KoreaHY Electronic
IK SemikonKingtronicsKonnect RFLontium Semiconductor
MaxtenaMetz ConnectMidas DisplaysMorecraft
Mornsun PowerNeltronOrion FansRaltron

Our Services in the Automotive area

  • Only original parts
  • No Counterfeiting parts
  • 100% Traceability is guaranteed
  • You will get the complete manufacturer guarantee
  • You will get a manufacturer CoC
  • Quality Agreements possible
  • Qualified Consulting and design support

Cost Savings Service

COST-SAVING-SERVICE and PPV ( Purchase Price Variance)

Take advantage of sizable savings on your existing component contracts by having our Kruse CRP Team review your bill of materials and regularly provide you with offers for your items as lower prices become available in world wide markets. Whether a one-time spot opportunity or continuous/ongoing supply from our secure and stable supply partners, Karl Kruse is equipped to provide savings that will help you exceed your cost deflation metrics without interrupting your pre-existing supply chain.

Our customers utilize this information platform for making key decisions on:
  • Annual and quarterly direct negotiations to help drive down cost initiatives
  • Benchmarking and cost optimization exercises
  • Performing life cycle cost analysis
  • Relieving high levels of production type inventory
  • Solving tangible issues in their supply chain
  • Volume component buys

Contact us for more information, you can email your complete list or requirements to info@kruse.de or call +49-2131 981410 to speak to a representative for assistance.

Shortage Management

Karl Kruse specializes in assisting global OEM and EMS customers by effectively mitigating allocation, shortage, EOL and obsolete parts sourcing.

With your call, our world-wide information network and the skills of our experts begin working to fill your order. Our highly specialized infrastructure guarantees optimal results in the shortest possible time.

Karl Kruse Advantages and Services:

  • Worldwide Search
  • Access to material through direct component manufacturer and OEM/CEM
  • Shortage Solutions
  • EOL/Obsolescence solutions
  • Immediate access to global supply and pricing information
  • Reduced line-down probability on shortages and inventory re-balancing
  • Available part crossing software tied to our customers’ AVLs
  • In-stock inventory, inspected in original factory packaging, ready for same-day shipping

Just submit a request for a quote or if you have multiple part numbers or a spreadsheet/BOM you can email your complete list or requirements to info@kruse.de or call +49-211 27403530 to speak to a representative for assistance.

Product and Supply Chain Solutions and Manufacturing Services

Karl Kruse offers not only electronic manufacturing services, but first of all a unique, comprehensive solution for your business, ensuring the highest, global quality at an attractive price. Karl Kruse offers its clients comprehensive services in the field of contract manufacturing and service in Europe. The central location of plant ensures very fast delivery, facilitated logistics and low transport costs and travel. Moreover, the placement of the plant in the central Europe region in the basin of specialists in the field of electronics, reinforced by universities and polytechnics (which are situated close to the plant) ensures the highest quality finished product at a relatively low cost. Comprehensive training and technical facilities allow production without downtime and full engineering support for even the most unusual orders.


  • Electronic Manufacturing Service
  • PCB assembly
  • SMT placement line
  • Through -hole production line
  • BGA rework
  • Full turnkey service (final product build)
  • Online and offline inspection
  • X-ray inspection
  • Cleaning of finished packages
  • Price includes packing and delivery
  • Comprehensive service from order to delivery and after-sales care
  • Warranty and repair service

Your advantages

  • Highly skilled workforce, with competitive rates
  • Close association with technical schools and polytechnics
  • The highest quality of the final product is provided
  • Long and reliable service for the lifetime of your product
  • World Class manufacturing using the latest production equipment and processes
  • All manufacturing is conducted in Europe
  • Low cost of logistics, transport, communication, due to our location in Central Europe
  • Extremely fast response time to your needs and rapid service response time
  • Low to medium volume PCB assembly capability
  • Flexible and accommodating, offering contracts with a variety of options regarding
  • Financing and delivery
  • The highest quality of finished product at a relatively low cost
  • An independent producer, unrelated to any corporation
  • Confidentiality of intellectual property is assured by a confidentiality agreement
  • Karl Kruse ems guarantees the privacy and independence of your production

ROHS Conversion Service

Kruse is able to convert ROHS complaint components into leaded components or to convert any of your leaded semiconductors – such as excessive leaded stock, discontinued components, etc. – into leadfree RoHS complaint components ! This is done through a proprietary chemical process developed for the last 2 years by one of our international strategic partners and is supportedwith official certificates.

Whisker :- Whisker emerge processes became and can cause especially easily with building groups, that with lead-free tin plumbing short circuits on galvanically produced leader disks or also between building elements. In security critical uses of the electronics, for example OFF motor vehicles or ESP systems in motor vehicles, become would plumb used because of the lacking long-term stability further lead containing because previously only through it the Whisker development can be prevented. Whisker emerge partially first after years business, and the beginning danger cannot be measured from outside. The Whisker blowouts can have led to be sure in about 10 mA again, until there the flowed current however already to the component damage and/or false function.

  • Avoidance of costly re design through conversion and utilization of ROHS or obsolete components
  • Conversion of complete inventories to the avoidance of value write-offs.
  • Components in conformity evasion by delivery times for RoHS.
  • Component in conformity cost savings by the aimed buys of leaded component vis-à-vis ROHS

Living Automotive and Industrial DRAMs

Long-term product support is a key consideration for autmotive and industrial applications, Etron’s Automotive and Industrial DRAMs provide benefits of continuity of supply, long-term reliability, wide temperature range operation , low power for small form factors.


  • Continuity of Supply
  • Long-Term Reliability
  • Wide Temperature Range Operation
  • Low Power and Small Form Factor

EML Program Overview

Supply Mechanism for Making Long-term Business Partners

Etron has maintained the flexibility, agility and product focus of a fabless IC company by establishing strong partnerships with leading Memory foundries and companies with complementary skills from different specialty segments. With the benefit of worry-free supply Etron has secured long-term business with our local and overseas car electronics partners since 2004.

Etron have designed both automotive and industrial graded memory parts to provide predictable obsolescence cycles for variety of memory densities and package types. EML (Extended Manufacturing Longevity) guarantees availability for devices put into EML program. The program boasts with three primary life categories (5, 7 and 10 years). The program is designed for long-term customer support. Other categories may be available to support unique requests.

We can support you Automotive, Industrial and Medical applications!!! For more infos, pls drop us an email: info@kruse.de

Electronics for medical technology

For the benefit of the patient, product development is subject to its own laws in medical technology. Treatment and diagnosis open up new ways for humans through the benefits of microelectronics.

In order to be able to make correct recommendations for customer wishes and markets, Karl Kruse checks in advance all components that are needed for a medical device.

Medical technology is operated at different supply voltages around the world. Karl Kruse offers fans from Orion fans with either AC, DC or wide-range voltage input for powering the electronics and drive. DC fans are suitable for mobile battery operation and low power consumption.

The fans in axial, diagonal or radial design are aerodynamically designed for a high flow rate with quiet running and can be used, for example, for cooling of CT devices, PET scanners and MRI machines.

Connectors and cable assemblies

In medicine, proven and reliable connectors are indispensable.

Karl Kruse offers connectors that are ideal for electronic medical devices such as surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, disposable devices, cardiac support systems, therapeutic and dental devices. Customized designs and cable assemblies are also possible

AEM Inc (Sales: Karl Kruse www.kruse.de) has announced the availability of its DSCC-approved line of ferrite chip beads, which are particularly adapted for medical, military, aerospace and other critical applications where reliability a top concern is.

The HRB series is the first and only line of ferrite beads made with qualified materials and tested with the DSCC drawing 03024. The DSCC specifications of drawing 03024 prescribe the strict physical, electrical and operational specifications for the high reliability ferrite chip beads.

The HRB series are available in sizes 0603, 0805 and 1206 and with nominal currents from 0.2 A to 4.0A. They have an operating temperature range of -55ºC to + 125ºC, tin / lead or gold, Ni-barrier solder plated terminations to eliminate the possibility of tin whisker formation and ensure reliable solder joints. Materials and processes are fully traceable and all parts are supplied with group A / B test data. Group C inspection as an option.

The HRB series exemplifies the heritage of AEM in producing high-reliability components for medical technology. AEM is able to offer value-added product processing and high-reliability testing, which can be filmed to 03024 specification to meet our customers’ unique and crucial program requirements. These additional benefits are not offered by other ferrite chip bead manufacturers. “

Power for medical technology

Modern applications in medical technology are subject to strict regulatory requirements and have four main trends:

Safety, reliability, connectivity and low power consumption.

TOPPOWER (Distribution: Karl Kruse www.kruse.de) PCB-mountable converter modules are widely used in monitoring equipment, test equipment, operating equipment, medical auxiliary equipment, etc.

TOPPOWER offers various DC / DC converters in the product range with different designs and offers a suitable solution for every application.

Based on our core competence in the field of electronic components, we offer our customers a globally unique product and solution portfolio of electronic components and services.

Through our access to technology, development and knowledge, we can also offer you support in each of your development steps and thus a direct innovation advantage.

These include lighting, medical & life science, automation, aerospace, military, automotive, ship & rail, security & surveillance, communications & IT, consumer & home appliances, instrumentation and more.

You can find more information about our manufacturers here.

Total Circuit Protection Solution for LED Lighting

AEM Components’ MF series of high-performance, wire-in-air fuses combined with the HSP series of high surge protection devices provide a complete surface-mount circuit protection solution for LED lighting applications.

These low-profile, compact devices offer the highest level of protection in the smallest package sizes. Together they provide the assurance of reliable, long-term performance under high surge and high temperature operating conditions while meeting stringent international safety specifications.

MF Series Fuses            #MF1210   #MF2410
  • Compact footprint
  • High inrush withstand
  • 125V and 250V ratings
  • Meets voltage surge requirements of
  • Energy Star and IEC61000-4-5
  • Lead-free and RoHS
HSP Series Surge Protection      #HSP1210   #HSP1812  #HSP2220
  • Compact footprint
  • High voltage withstand
  • High surge current withstand
  • Meets voltage surge requirements of
  • Energy Star and IEC61000-4-5
  • Lead-free and RoHS

For more information and complete design information,pls send us an email to  info@kruse.de or visit our shop.